Frequently Asked Questions

The subscription to this service is FREE for all medical labs all over the world. It is true that afterwards you may need to purchase uploadable test reports and their interpretations for a small fee that is paid in our favor, but when thinking deeply, it should be considered free or even for lab profit! Details are below:

The lab can add these costs to the patient's invoice as an additional fees to enable him/her review his/her test result reports online attached with their interpretations and save re-visiting the lab to receive the printed reports. Or the lab can bear that cost itself considering saving money required printed paper-reports, printer inks, and lab promotional paper envelopes. This could be equivalent to that cost (or even higher to be considered as additional profits for the lab).

Some labs can also increase this cost to collect additional fees for its own benefit. This action turns this e-service into completely free service, Beyond that to a profits' generator for the lab itself.

Any medical laboratory subscribes (seeMyResult)™ e-service will have the ability to provide its patients with their test results online without need to patient return to the lab and receive the paper reports. This is easier for both the lab and the patient and reflects patient trust in the laboratory. In addition to interpreting the test results, which will inevitably be appreciated by the lab patients, and they will consider it a high-end and unique service that promotes more deals with the same laboratory in the future.

Any lab out of this service will lose its pace with modern technology and will be unable to compete with other laboratories provide their patient test results online.

No. (seeMyResult)™ e-service is unified in its potential and its price for all medical laboratories worldwide.

Yes, you can get single subscription for your all lab branches, or you can get multiple subscriptions; one for each branch separately as you wish. What you control is how much you consume your balance of uploaded test result reports and their interpretation reports within your available balance.

Yes. Our registered laboratory administrator can contact us any time and ask to stop the service without giving reasons. But in this case, the previously paid reports' balance cannot be refunded. The service could be retrieved again (with full balance and data recovery) within 3 months after being stopped. Else, all saved records will be permanently deleted.

So far, Arabic and English language support is available. Other languages will be added in the future.

Yes. He/She can do so as long as he/she has the ability to login the lab control panel (using unique username and password) and as long as these tablets are connected to the internet.

This is the responsibility of the lab control panel user. The name, time and date of each uploaded test result report will be automatically saved on the system so that they could be reviewed later to check who uploaded any report at what time, such as when uploading wrong test result(s) and/or wrong report(s) for another patient. So, the laboratory manager can know who is responsible for this error (if he/she has more than one control panel user).

Yes. The system simply launches a self-timer that works for 30 minutes as soon as the test result report or interpretation report was uploaded. During which the control panel user can delete the uploaded report file and replace it with another one. If the timer exceeds the 30 minutes period, the control panel user loses his/her ability to delete the uploaded report, but the laboratory admin could ask us to delete the uploaded file from our end in emergent cases.
This self-timer has been set to prevent illegal interference to the control panel user without permission of the laboratory admin.

But it should be noted that any report that is uploaded online is deducted from the balance, even if it is deleted later, it cannot be restored into the lab balance again.

Our service operates as a standalone software system that could not be linked or integrated to any already existing lab software system.

After the patient performs the tests, he/she is given a printed receipt (Patient Card) by the lab employee containing the patient test results’ page url link + unique patient username and password + the free mobile application QR-Code link. The lab employee tells him/her when the test result reports will appear through the attached link.

The patient will then, at the time set by the lab employee, open the link on any computer connected to the internet and enter his/her username and password in the specified text place to view his/her test results and interpretation reports, which could be reviewed, downloaded and printed by the patient his/herself. Also, the patient can download the free mobile application using the attached QR-Code link in the Patient Card and login to review his/her test result(s) in the same manner as above.

There is no need for training. The control panel is designed so easily that the laboratory manager understands how to handle it in detail. So that he/she will train the users. We also provided a free detailed help guide includes tutorial videos to learn how to handle the control panel for the admin and users.

The report files must be uploaded in the form of PDF files only. No other file extensions may be uploaded.

If you are using Microsoft Word or Excel, you can save the report (via Save As command) as a PDF file.

If you are using Microsoft Access, you can export the file as an Excel file, then open it with Microsoft Excel and re-save it using (Save As command) to save it as PDF file. You can review this tutorial video for that purpose.

Yes. Just create any intermediaries you deal with in the same manner as patients. All you have to do is to save the entity name in the field of the patient's name, and the system will automatically create a user name and a password for that entity to access its patients' records as usual.

Of course, (seeMyResult)™ e-service is designed to respect the privacy and confidentiality of data from both the laboratory and the patient. No information can be leaked from one laboratory to another and a patient cannot see the test results of another patient. This is what we guarantee to all of our subscribed customers.

Yes. You can do this by adding a button into your lab website or phone app. (titled as Review Your Test Results, as an example). This button is linked to the following url:
When a patient clicks on that button, he/she will be directed to the login data page to browse his/her uploaded test result reports online.

** Please note that we do not embed that button into your lab website or phone app. It should be done by the developer who had designed them for you.

You can pay online using credit cards. The security and integrity of your personal information is our top priority and we use the latest technology and security solutions to provide you with a fast, secure payment method in cooperation with Banque Misr (BM) in Egypt.

You can increase your reports' balance at any time from within the (Balance and Billing) section in your control panel. You pay a small fee for a package that contains a specified number of uploadable test result reports, as well as a package of interpreted test reports. You have the ability to purchase single or multiple packages each time.

We are already a reliable software company licensed to operate in the Egyptian market. You can contact us for further details. Contact information is available on our official website (

You can contact us and request to add that missed medical test into the main system database, and we will do it within 72 hours. Contact information is available on our official website (

Our already saved reference values have been set very accurately in accordance with all medical laboratories worldwide, These values ​​vary according to the test units and they have been reviewed to be universally compatible. However, each lab admin can change these reference values ​​in accordance with the lab (if needed) by visiting the (Settings) section, then the subsection (Test units & values), then clicking on the (Custom Markers) button. then choose the medical test to change its units or reference values to be applied.

Any modification you make in these reference values ​​will be applied only to your personal account and within your private control panel and will not affect the other system users.

No, you don't have to. You can only upload your patient's test result report without its interpretation report. On the other hand, you cannot upload an interpretation report unless you have previously uploaded the corresponding test result report at first.

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