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We help medical laboratories, regardless of their local or global level, to provide customers access to their test results online for free using PCs connected to the internet or via a free mobile application without any need to create or develop complex or expensive programming. This process occurs within simple and easy steps at a nominal cost or free or even a financial return for the laboratory.

You can get a unique and prestigious e-service that all medical laboratories all over the world wish to have to offer their customers. This e-service is available in English and Arabic Language.


(seeMyResult)™ is an electronic service that acts as an intermediary between two parties:
☛ First Party: Medical laboratories all over the world
☛ Second Party: The patient who performed medical test(s) at the first party

♦ This system enables laboratories to upload their patient test result reports online using a unique control panel at any time, for unlimited number of patients and unlimited number of test reports.
It also allows the laboratory to give unique username and a password to its patient to enable accessing his/her test result reports online without re-visiting the laboratory to receive the printed paper report.

♦ We also provide (from our end) a full medical interpretation for each uploaded test result report to be reviewed by the patient as an added distinctive service.

♦ The patient can review his/her test result reports (uploaded by the lab) and their interpretation reports (uploaded by us) online any time and everywhere with the ability to save and print these reports. This is done using the usual Internet browser from any computer or using a free mobile application that we provide (supports Android and iOS systems).

♦ The lab can also promote this service to its benefit by all means available to it to inform its customers about providing their test results online for free.


It is known that providing test results online for patients is a special prestigious service monopolized by major laboratories, because of the great potential and high financial costs not borne by minor labs. From here we decided to make this special service available for all labs all over the world through (seeMyReult)™ e-service in addition to another distinctive and unique service globally to interpret the uploaded test result reports.

◉ This service is available in both Arabic and English versions to cover as many potential customers as possible.


You can upload unlimited number of test results and reports daily without any restrictions forever

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There will be no need to buy a new PC, to upgrade it or even to hire additional qualified employees

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Get started without any need for special training, you will have a full control with minimal technical capabilities

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A unified symbolic optional subscription for all our customers all over the world

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Different annual optional subscription payment methods are available for all our customers

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We provide a full medical test report interpretation without burden on the lab

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The service will be activated for the lab (each lab branch separately) in addition to the test result report interpretation service within 24-48 hours after request submission. Each test result report uploaded and submitted online by the lab shall be calculated and charged for four (4) EGP for the laboratories inside Egypt, and for half (0.5) USD for laboratories outside Egypt.
Then asking the lab to pay for these uploaded reports. An invoice is issued every two months with a minimum of sixty (60) reports (one test result report a day). If the uploaded reports (by the lab) were less than (60) during two months, we will calculate the minimum charge of (240 LE) for the laboratories inside Egypt, and of (30 USD) for laboratories outside Egypt. If the payment was delayed for more than 15 days next to the invoice request date, the service would suspend until the full payment is done.

Although fees are charged for each report uploaded online by the lab, this subscription is considered free because the patients bear these costs, not the lab. As the lab adds these fees to the total test cost to be paid by the patient (as providing an additional service), then the lab collects it for our benefit.
The lab can also increase this cost (according to its desire) to collect additional fees for its own benefit. This action turns this free subscription into a generator to make money and profits for the lab itself.

There will be no charge for the uploaded reports. You only pay subscription fee that is less than a single month salary of one lab employee. It is a unified subscription to all our customers (for each lab branch) as follows:
If the lab is located inside Egypt, the annual subscription fees would be 3500 EGP per year. It is less than 10 EGP per day!
If the lab is located outside Egypt, the annual subscription fees would be 500 USD per year. It is less than 1.5 USD per day!
The subscription is paid once a year regardless of the number of reports uploaded online by the lab and regardless of the number of medical interpretation reports uploaded online by us.

This subscription can also be considered free if we take into consideration the amount of printed reports, printer inks, and lab promotional paper envelopes that will save their money throughout the year to replace with uploading reports online. Many funds could be saved, which may exceed these annual subscription fees.

❸ CONVERT PLANS: (#1 ⇋ #2)
You can start and continue with the first plan (PAY PER REPORT), and whenever you want to move to the ANNUAL subscription plan. And vice versa. Just contact us and order it to be executed at once.


GET STARTED: step #1

First, click the [Order Now for FREE] button above, or contact us us by phone or email if you have any questions (contact methods below)

GET STARTED: step #2

Second, fill out the application form that will appear, then click Submit

GET STARTED: step #3

Third, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm the completion of the e-service and give you instructions to begin






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We help our customers to:

    • Provide a unique e-service to their customers

    • Facilitate test report delivery without need to call patients

    • Save time, effort and the burden of printing reports

    • Combate very expensive electronic services and softwares

    • Providing full medical interpretations without burden on the lab

    • Enhance the culture of remote communication with patients

    • Give small laboratories a greater potential for their patients

    • Give the lab patients an ability to view their test reports by a mobile app.:

      ☗ ANDROID Application  

      ☗ iOS Application  

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